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 Shop Information and Rules

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Mane Members & Moderators Admin Rarity

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PostSubject: Shop Information and Rules   Thu May 15, 2014 5:39 pm

Manehatten is where members' can open up a shop of their very own! Then sell their goods to other members using the site's point system, coins. 

Examples of possible shops:
-Graphic Shops (avatars, signatures ect)
-Sprites Shops
-Art Shops (Drawing commissions, ect)
-Story Shops (Story commissions)
-Adoptable Other Character Shops

The possibilities are endless!  

How to run a shop:
Before opening up a shop you must fill out a request form and have it approved by Rarity. Shop requests will be filled out here. Once approved you can open up your shop in the Shopping District.

How to buy items:
Members buy items from shops from using the point system (aka Coins). Shop owners will set their prices for their goods and members will make a request for said item in the store. Once the deal has been set the shop owner will go to the bank posting their earnings. Rarity then will add the points to the shop owner and subtract points from the shopper. She will check to make sure the earning amount is correct.  Wink! 

How to earn Coins:

1. Post!!!! Members can earn coins from posting throughout the forum. 
The following boards:
Ponyville: All boards
Canterlot: All boards
Crystal Empire: Roleplay Center and OOC Discussion Center
Appleoosa: General Discussion 

Members will earn 1 coin for making topics and 2 coins for replying in topics.

2. Winning contests/games.

3. selling your goods.

4. Monthly Coins. Rarity will make a monthly announcement for members to check in  to receive coins. Members will earn 25 coins. 

5. Taking parts in events.

6. Senior members will earn 100 coins once reaching the final rank.

Do I have to open a shop/buy things?:
No you don't! The shops are totally optional! It's just allow members to showcase their talents and have fun! You can just ignore your Coins.

The Rules:
1. General Site Rules apply here as well.

2. Do not open up a shop without Rarity's approval.

3. Sell your items for reasonable price.

4. Please do not go crazy and spam threads to get more coins.

5. Members can only run one shop.

6. If your shop involves any work that does not belong to you please give credit to the original artist and/or ask for their permission if it's require. For example if you run a graphic shop and an avatar you made is from fan art.

**Rarity has a right to make changes to the rules.

If you have any questions please PM Rarity or post in the Shops Feedback thread.


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Shop Information and Rules

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