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 Equestrian Empire Rules

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Mane Members & Moderators Admin Rarity

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PostSubject: Equestrian Empire Rules    Wed May 14, 2014 9:16 pm

Equestrian Empire General Site Rules:

1. EE is a PG Site
-My Little Pony is a series created for children after all. So please keep swearing down to a minimum. (Don't drop the F word please!) No rule 34 pictures at all! Basically if you have to think before you post something then don't! 
2. Be respectful and fair to everybody.
- EE is a drama free environment. It is okay to have disagreements, but please be respectful of others' opinions.

3. No political and religious discussions or debates.  

4. Username Requirements:
 Main character names are reverse to the staff. Background ponies are fair game. 

5. Username changes:
Members have unlimited username changes with a 6 month waiting period. Members must PM Rarity with their desire username and a reason for the change. 

6. No multiple accounts.

7. Posting:
When making a new topic be sure to post in the right board and make sure the topic doesn't exist. Bumping topics and posting in dead ones is okay.


The maximum image size for avatars is 150x200. Keep it G or it will be removed and you will be warned. Members can change their avatars whenever. However please do not change your avatar 50 times in one day. 

Signatures may be no bigger than 450x150. You may change your signature as many times as you like or even have a rotating one! That's all up to you. Keep it G. 

In place of a graphic you may have up to 3 lines of text as your siggy. 

You may have one 100X50 bumper on either side of your siggy. 

With your 150X450 siggy you may have up to 2 lines of text. 

Sprite rules to come. 

Graphics rules may change at any time as Cadence sees fit. 

When you break the rules, there will be consequences.
The first occurence: A warning will be given
Second time: a 7 day ban from the site
Third time: A one month ban from the site
Fourth time: a permanent ban from the site.


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Equestrian Empire Rules

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