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 Boast Busters Discussion

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PostSubject: Boast Busters Discussion    Sun Apr 07, 2013 12:12 pm

So I have one episode that I hate the most. It's Boast Busters.

God, I hate Boast Busters. At first it was my least favorite episode, but the more I think about it I realize how much I hate it than like it.

Why do I hate Boast Busters? Well, it's because of Trixie. I really don't like Trixie's character. Grant it Magic Dual made me like her a bit more, but she's still not my favorite character. I don't like how she acts all high and mighty. I really don't like to be around people who are full of themselves and think they're the greatest thing since slice bread. But Rarity your favorite character is Rarity. Rarity acts full of herself, but that's different. Rarity still cares about her friends and she does act generous. Plus she only gets caught up in her looks and when ponies pay attention to her. It's not like she walks around saying: I'm the great and powerful Rarity! Adore my clothes because I Rarity is the greatest dress maker in all the land! Also I guess people could point out to me Rainbow Dash has a big ego as well, but you don't hate her. No, I don't hate Rainbow Dash because she may have a big ego, but she has seen many times what her ego does to her and she has learned from those lessons. Plus she does know when not to show off.

Another reason I hate this episode is how Twilight's friends get caught up in Trixie's boasting. Well, at least for Rarity and AJ. It makes sense for Dash because she has a big ego. But seriously Rarity and AJ are too mature to show off their talents.

These are my thoughts for now. There are other reasons why I hate this episode and I will share them later. So what about you guys? What your thoughts on Boast Busters? Do hate this episode as well or do you enjoy this episode?


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Boast Busters Discussion

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