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 Apple Mac

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PostSubject: Apple Mac    Apple Mac  Icon_minitime1Sun May 19, 2013 8:55 pm

Apple Mac

Character(s): The Apple Family
This is a fic for Carved Sideways from my Comissions shop. Enjoy!

“What in tarnation is this contraption?” Granny Smith accused the big white box sitting on the front porch.

“Let’s open it granny!” Apple Bloom chirped as she tugged at the ends of the box with her teeth.

“What are ya’ll yapping about down here?” Applejack boomed as she walked into the living room. She blinked noticing the white box sitting on her front porch. She gave Apple Bloom a questioning look who abruptly stopped chewing on the box.

“What have you got there?” she gave both Granny and her little sister questioning looks.

“Well sis Granny was just wondering what in the world could be in this big box…Did you order something?” Apple Bloom countered trotting around the box.

“No I sure didn’t but lets open it and see what’s in it.” she continued as she ripped out the box and pulled out the large bubble wrapped case.

“Help me with this will ya bloom?” Applejack requested as they both tore into the bubble wrap while Granny Smith just looked at them even more dumbfounded.

“It’s got a big half eaten apple on the top of it.” Apple bloom noted.

“What in the hay would I have any use for a half eaten apple for?” Applejack snarled her nose in disgust pushing the contraption away with her hoof.

“It came!” a voice squealed from the top of the stairs causing all three to look at the big work horse now giggling excitedly as he tromped down the stairs.

“Um Big Mac what are you doing?” Applejack questioned cocking a brow.

“My computer came, and I’m going to hook it up.” Big Mac stated retrieving the parcel and carrying it into the living room.

“I’ve never seen you this excited since Apple Buck season.” Apple Bloom blinked following her siblings into the next room.

“Well this here is an Mac computer made by Apple. I figured it was the best since it was a company called Apple since were the Apple family-” but Applejack cut him off, “Get to the point Big Macintosh.”

“ Eeyup I just love Apple products!” he grinned.

“Yeah well you play with that weird contraption there, and I’m going to go back to picking real apples.” Applejack chided as the trio questionably left their older brother to his gadgets. She was going to have to talk to Twilight about giving her brother her old magazines to look at. She had a feeling there wouldn’t be much apple bucking going on since Big Mac had discovered the thrills of technology. If only there was an app for bucking apples. She would be checking her ipad she hid under her mattress later, but she couldn’t let anyone know that Applejack was actually a little tech savvy.


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Siggy and Avie by Dash
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Apple Mac

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