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 A lost memory Rp storyline

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Rainbow Dash
Mane Moderator
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash
Mane ModeratorRainbow Dash

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PostSubject: A lost memory Rp storyline    Thu May 02, 2013 2:23 am

Name of the Storyline: A lost memory

Name of the Creator(s): Wubz

Forum: Trottingham, Ponyville and somewhere in between there.

Plot Summary: Azure Lightning was in a forest not far from Trottingham, he has been hearing strange rumors about the forest as he entered the forest not being on guard or without looking Azure got hit on the side by another pony. Azure got up trying to fight back but was too late and got hit in the stomach making him cough up blood. The pony grabbed Azure by the throat and threw him at a tree making him hit his head and making it bleed as well. Azure had no chance against a pony like this he was powerful and yet deadly to anypony who got in his way, the pony smiled. "You are so weak I thought you would put up a fight well time to become a whole pony." The pony said as he raised his hoof in the air about to put the final blow on Azure then something happen, Azure necklace started to glow and teleported Azure out of the forest. Azure could not move his body because of the pain he was in and passing out. When Azure woke up he did not know where he was or who he was only knowing his name, Azure checked what he had on him and the only thing he had was his necklace he has on and a ticket to Ponyville. He had no idea who he was so he thinks going to Ponyville is a place to go to find out who he is.

Details on any necessary information: This is a Mystery, Adventure, Action RP about a pony named Azure Lightning who lost his memory and is trying to get it back with other ponies who help him in his adventure but a certain pony who is a changeling is trying to kill Azure and take his essence inside of him. There is gonna be blood and death so if you don't like that then don't sign up hope you enjoy the rp. The changeling will be appearing in few parts of the RP. You can use your OC on the RP. Azure will snap at point as well he will get Nightmares, Blackouts, and false memories of his past.


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Mi Amora Cadenza
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Mi Amora Cadenza
Mi Amora Cadenza
Mane Role Play & Graphics AdminMi Amora Cadenza

Title : Hollywood Pirate Queen In Space!!
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PostSubject: Re: A lost memory Rp storyline    Sat May 04, 2013 1:35 am

Approved. You may start whenever you're ready!


Siggy and avie by Dash!Tease  Happy
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A lost memory Rp storyline

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