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PostSubject: Emptiness    Fri Jan 18, 2013 8:24 pm


By: Rarity

Plot Overview: Shadow Sword is the son of King Sombra. He was raise by his father to be the next king of the Crystal Empire. His father taught him how to rule a kingdom by fear instead of love (think of The Prince, "It is better to be feared than loved"). Shadow Sword escaped with his mother (he is about 10 years old in human years) when Princess Celestia and Princess Luna sealed his father away. They found a small farming town to live in and disguised themselves with magic. Shadow Sword and his mother have a torn relationship with each other. Before King Sombra's fall Shadow had never really been with his mother. She finds it difficult to raise her son as loving stallion. When Shadow Sword is in his teenage years she kicks him out, he then journeys to Canterlot to studied the princesses and plot their down fall. As he lives in Canterlot Shadow Sword will grow and come over many challenges.

So that's a basic over view of my character Shadow Sword's life. Shadow Sword is the antagonist in the roleplay A Dawn of New Era. It's a roleplay here on Ponilicious. Please check it out if you haven't! I'm basically going to write about Shadow Sword's life prior to the roleplay. I'm going to start this story with teenage Shadow Sword. I shall post the first chapter sometime this weekend.


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