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 Character Profile Example Two

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Mane Members & Moderators Admin Rarity

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PostSubject: Character Profile Example Two    Sun Nov 11, 2012 12:48 pm

Name: Lightning Blaze

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Race: Pony, pegasus

Location: Cloudsdale

Lightning's Talent: He's very athletic and very skilled at track and field sports.

Lightning's Profession: He's storm cloud maker in Cloudsdale's weather factory. He's intern there while finishing up his education. Once he's done with school he'll also help make lightning (there's an age requirement for making lightning since it's so dangerous. XD).

Cutie Mark: A gray storm cloud with a yellow lightning blot coming out of it.

Powers: none. He's a pegasus.

Physical Description:
Lightning is a tall skinny pegasus. His body is black and his eyes are yellow. His mane and tail are yellow. Also his main and tail are spiky. His fur breaks off at the end of his hooves.

note providing a picture is optional.

Lightning is your typical jock. He's full of himself and loves the spirit of competition. Lighting can be really competitive and a sore loser. He takes things way too seriously and can be easily offended. Lightning also likes to act tough and like most males hates to show his feelings. As filly Lightning was really immature and would cause trouble.

Lightning was born in Ponyville, but when he was five years old he moved to Cloudsdale with his parents. As he grew up there as a filly became known as a trouble maker. He would play pranks on his flight instructors at flight camp. He would also get his peers into trouble as well. By the time he enter high school (I'm amusing they have some form secondary education in Equestria) his parents wanted him to stay out of trouble so they had him join the track and field team. Lightning loved the competition and the excitement. Being on a sport team really improved his maturity and he didn't play pranks on people as often. In his sophomore year of high school he got an intern job at the weather factory to make storm clouds.

Other (any extra details optional): none


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Character Profile Example Two

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