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 Character Profile Example One

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Mane Members & Moderators Admin Rarity

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PostSubject: Character Profile Example One   Sun Nov 11, 2012 12:21 pm

Name: Autumn Darling

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Race: pony, unicorn

Location: Canterlot

Her Talent: Autumn is a photographer. She mainly takes pictures of nature and wildlife. On special occasions she'll take pictures of other ponies.
Her job: Autumn Darling is in charged of changing the leaves' colors during fall. She uses a special spell that allows her to do so. She also owns a shop where she sells her photographs. During the fall her shop is closed to due to her duty for changing the leaves in Canterlot and small towns around Canterlot.

Cutie Mark:
Autumn has three golden maple leaves as her cutie mark.

Powers: Magic. Autumn is quite skilled and knows many spells. However she rarely uses her magic when she's not doing her job.

Physical Description:
Autumn's body is light red and she white freckles on her face. She has golden eyes and a golden mane and tail. Her mane is in a braided ponytail. Her horn is a golden color.

(note you don't have to include a picture.)

Autumn is a sweet and gentle pony. She always helps a friend in need. Autumn also has a curious nature. She loves to explore the world around her which is why she takes pictures.

Autumn was born and raised in Canterlot. She has a little brother whom she loves dearly. The two of them would often play explores when they were fillies. Autumn was also very closed to her father who own a photography shop. She picked up her love of photography from him and helped him run his shop since she was a little filly. Once she finished with school Autumn's father handed his shop over to her. Her father then went off to go take photos of dragons.

Ever since Autumn was a filly she has showed great skilled with her magic. She caught Princess Celestia's eye when she enrolled in her school for gifted unicorns. Autumn showed great power in changing things around her. After she graduated, Celestia asked her to help change the leaves' color during the fall.

Other ( Basically any other detail you want to give about your pony. This is optional ): Autumn has a huge sweet tooth! She loves to eat cake with her cup of tea.

Feel free to ask questions here!


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Character Profile Example One

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