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 Sunset Magic [Ready]

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Sunset Magic
Earth Pony
Earth Pony

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PostSubject: Sunset Magic [Ready]   Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:50 pm

Sunset Magic


20 years

Race: pony, Pegasus



Paint the Sky with Stars
Sunset is an exquisite painter, she can
paint everything from abstract to still-life;
her absolute favorite thing to paint, however,
is scenery. Though her shop in Ponyville
offers pony-portraits, maps,
and other useful and pleasurable items,
her own home's walls are covered in
paintings of sunsets and spectacular views
unlike any other.

Shop Till You Drop
Sunset recently has set shop in Ponyville,
she calls it:
"The Ponyville Art Gallery; by Sunset Magic"
Though not a very good salesperson, she gets
enough traffic to survive happily.

Across the Whole Wide Canvas
Sunset is a skilled observer,
she travels all over Equestria
in the search for new things to paint.
Sometimes this involves finding rare animals
or even flying up frighteningly high mountains,
but it always requires a hawks eye and quick wits.

Cutie Mark:
Sunset's cutie mark is a painter's pallet
with the four primary colors;
blue, red, yellow, and green.

Sunset doesn't have any magic.

Physical Description:
Sunset Magic is the average size of a
pegasus,medium height, strong sturdy legs,
slender form and sleek wings built for speed.
Her fur is smoky blue, the same color as the
sky at dusk and her eyes are a beautiful mixture
of pink, orange and yellow. By far her mane is
the most spectacular part about her, it draws
attention everywhere she goes -though she
doesn't really like it. The hairs are a
swirling blend of pink, orange, blue, purple,
and white unlike any other pony.


Sunset Magic, naturally as an artist,
has a very creatively inclined imagination.
She sees everything in a different light
or perspective and thus tends to be insightful
but frustratingly distant at times.

She has a bad habit of losing ponies
in her quiet muttering as she processes
things, or boring them completely as she
stares off into space daydreaming.

This means she spends a lot of time talking
to herself and when she isn't whispering
out loud she has a bizarre tendency of
solving enigma's and blurting them out
randomly before disappearing into her studio.

Because Sunset spends a lot of time
engaged in activities that don't exactly
push her to be social, she is actually
rather shy, awkward, and fairly soft spoken.
She can paint Canterlot in perfect detail
in a day but she still isn't very good
at keeping up a conversation without saying
something strange or seeing something
that inspires her and running off.

Sunset has always been ditsy,
she is constantly forgetting things,
even important objects for her travels or
paying the bills before she goes. She has
a drifting sort of personality as though
she floats from one place to another in
a daze.

Though she is relatively intelligent,
her tendency to doodle on everything
instead of paying attention makes her
terrible at tests, studying or anything
that requires pen, paper, and quiet for
a long period of time.

Even though Sunset is awkward
in social events, she has a kind heart
and helps anypony that needs her, though
most ponies find her too distant to really
ask in the first place. She secretly longs
to have real friends who will be there for
her, and thinks that by showing kindness
that maybe some day this will happen for her.

Sunset, who sees the world through
different eyes, has a very pensive
thought process at times and is prone
to being pessimistic, worrisome, or simply
sad even over the most minute things that
normally wouldn't have anyone concerned at
all. It also appears that she doesn't get
excited very easily unless of course she
has a new inspiration, or has found something
else to paint.

Sunset is not horribly timid, but she
doesn't like to get into arguments and will
instantly shut down the moment someone gets
brash with her. Most of the time she just tries
to avoid doing or saying anything that may cause
confrontation in the first place.


Sunset Magic was born in Cloudsdale,
like most other Pegasus ponies,
and raised by her Pegasus parents who ran a
shop for expert flyer's sporting goods,
and were amazing flyers themselves.

Her siblings, sister Nightingale
and brother, Shadow Lark, grew up with her.
The three children, though very loved by their
parents, were pushed to compete in races, and
partake in activities they liked and thought
would make them better ponies, rather than
allowing their children to do the things they

Because of this Nightingale, though finding her
cutie mark in the process, learned to be more
competitive by nature. It wasn't long before she
grew into this attitude though, and harmless
desires to win slowly turned into bullying and
needless violence at times.

Sunset, who couldn't seem to grasp the concept of
conflict or competition and was easily manipulated,
was often bullied by her own sister, such as being
called a blank flank, or being tripped.

One evening after a particularly frustrating
day, Sunset and Shadow decided to go out for
a fly over Ponyville to talk it out. She was
moaning over being called a "Blank Flank" when
they passed over the Everfree Forest and the
sun began to set. She had seen it a million
times before from Cloudsdale, but the way the
sun peeked over the trees just so, and the
horizon turned brilliant colors, inspiration
she’d never felt before hit her.

After the two flew home, Sunset spent the night
trying to figure out what it was she felt and
what to do about it. It was the next day when
she realized the thought was still in her mind
that she went into Ponyville to ask her teacher
about it. The only thing she could offer was to
try drawing what she felt.

Sunset took the advice and went home
with a ton of art supplies that day.
The moment she finished her very first
painting, a cutie mark appeared on her
flank of a painter’s pallet with the four
primary colors; red, blue, yellow, green.

When Sunset’s parents saw what an
amazing artist she was, they felt
terrible for trying to force things
on their children they may not have
wanted to do and vowed to let them
find their own talents from then on.
Shadow ended up finding his cutie mark
shortly afterwards, and left Cloudsdale
to pursue his dream in the Canterlot as
a royal guard for Princess Luna.

When Sunset saw that Shadow was
allowed to leave she began to daydream
about her own travels and after a few
more years, when she was finished with
school, she left the nest to find rare
and inspiring things to paint and learn

When she had a full stock of beautiful
work the little pony moved back to Ponyville
and opened an art gallery and service center
for custom works. Upon her return however,
Nightingale confronted her and angrily
exclaimed to her that she ruined her life
and that their parents loved Sunset more than
her. She then flew off, a trail of black smog
following behind. No one has seen or heard
from Nightingale since more of this story
will be shared at a later time).

Since that day Sunset still misses her
siblings, but she spends time with her
parents every week, and does fairly well
for herself in Ponyville. She doesn’t really
have any outstanding friends, many find
her too odd to get close to her but she’s
friendly to everypony anyways. Sunset still
travels from time to time, searching out
new things to paint, but most of the time
she stays in Ponyville.

Last edited by Sunset Magic on Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:38 pm; edited 12 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Sunset Magic [Ready]   Sun Nov 11, 2012 3:08 am

This is coming along very nicely! Don't worry you're following the rules! :D


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PostSubject: Re: Sunset Magic [Ready]   Wed Nov 14, 2012 4:13 pm

This has lots of lovely detail! Approved!


Siggy and Avie by Dash
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PostSubject: Re: Sunset Magic [Ready]   

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Sunset Magic [Ready]

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